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Cougar Mountain Software Offers: Power, Flexibility, Reliability, Value

Computer Team is pleased to be an Authorized Reseller of the award-winning Cougar Mountain Accounting Software. Corporations, non-profit organizations, CPA’s, and retailers across the country use Cougar Mountain products. A proven industry leader, Cougar Mountain software conforms to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) set forth by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).

Cougar Mountain accounting software is a modular solution to your accounting software needs. Buy only the modules that your organization requires, and over time add additional modules as your organization grows. Easily add modules to your accounting software package and let the software manage your vendors and customers, keep track of your inventory, run payroll in-house, and much more. You can also easily reduce your risk with Red Flag Reports to help you determine fraud quickly and easily.

Computer Team offers a variety of programs from Cougar Mountain: Cougar Mountain Accounting, FUND Accounting, Point-Of-Sale (POS), Accounting. Computer Team can provide your company with the necessary software, hardware, custom programming, and knowledge to implement the Cougar Mountain package best fit to your needs. We'll continue to help your business grow with additional support, training, and product as necessary. If you'd like, we can also convert your data from it’s existing software for use with your upgraded accounting system. Call for more information on our data conversion services.

Denali (Enterprise Level Products):

This version is programmed in C++ and uses the Microsoft SQL database engine.  SQL (Standard Query Language) is a industry leading database engine.  It is extremely stable and very expandable.  It will support  thousands of users accessing this database engine. Once of it's many benefits is that it can be backed while users are running in the program.  It also offers accessibility that data can be accessed by many other programs such as Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.


Top Ten Reseller

Computer Team Inc is a Cougar Mountain Software Top Ten Reseller!