Administrative Assistant Job Description

The ideal candidate will exhibit high standards, excellent communication skills, and the ability to take the initiative and prioritize daily tasks. In addition, a solid ability to take charge and meet tight deadlines will ensure your success in this multi-faceted role. 



1)      Answer telephones as needed.

a)                   While we have a voice mail system, we have found that answering phones with a human provides a feeling of better customer service.  You will need to help answer these calls and direct the calls to the appropriate person or assist the customer yourself if possible.

b)                  You must create work orders for clients that need consulting or service.

c)                   You may also offer to consult our clients for areas of support you can assist, such as running the Microsoft Office programs that many of our clients use.

2)      Billing.

a)                   You will provide billing for our clients, including creating invoices to be emailed and mailed to clients.

                                                               i.      You will perform a daily review of the invoices created and ensure a copy of each invoice is saved to our paperless filing system.   

                                                             ii.      Also, each invoice needs checking for the proper sales taxes and freight charges.

b)                  Create and get signed new client setup forms with the correct paperwork for terms and or credit card purchases.

c)                   You will also be responsible for collections of accounts receivable invoices that are past due.  As a part of this, you will be asked to monitor clients and only sell products to a past-due clients with prior approval.

3)      Inventory control.  One of the main areas of concern with this position is the control of our inventory.  We currently stock, on average, about $100,000.00 in inventory.  Goals here:

a)                   Receiving new products into inventory and correctly pricing them.

b)                  Count inventory monthly.

c)                   Get better controls setup for getting products to customers and tracking what is delivered.

d)                  Maintain service kits used by the technicians for service calls on-site.

e)                  Other responsibilities with the inventory.

f)                    RMA Return Merchandise Authorizations.  You will be responsible for returning and replacing the defective product or having a credit issued.

g)                   You will also be responsible for keeping certain products in stock for better customer service.  You will also assist the other employees in ordering products for the systems we sell.

4)      Filing and organization.

a)                   We use a paperless office, and as much as possible, you will create and keep files in order. In addition, you may be creating new procedures for the staff to use to provide better record-keeping and client services.

5)      Provide a professional office environment.

a)                   Maintaining a professional environment may include vacuuming, dusting, and general light cleaning.

6)      Other items need to be listed.

a)                   There will be other areas in that we wish to have you assist our staff in providing our clients with the best customer service in the computing business. However, these may still need to be listed here.



1.)   Strong interpersonal, customer service, and communication skills.

2.)   Ability to multitask.

3.)   Proficient in Microsoft Office suite.


Pay and benefits:

1.)    This is an hourly position with pay ranging from $16.50 to $22.50, depending on experience and training. In addition, administrative assistants also participate in weekly bonuses based on production. The average weekly bonus for the past year was $58.92.

2.)    Benefits:

a.       After 90 days of employment:

                                                               i.      Employer-sponsored 75% paid group health insurance.

                                                             ii.      Employer paid HSA(Health Savings Account) currently $135.00 per month.

                                                           iii.      Employer-sponsored 75% paid group dental insurance.

                                                           iv.      Employer-sponsored 75% paid group eye insurance.

b.       After one year of service:

                                                               i.      2 weeks paid time off.

                                                             ii.      7 paid holidays 1.) New Year, 2.) Memorial Day, 3.) July 4th, 4.) Labor Day, 5-6.) two days at Thanksgiving and 7.) Christmas.

                                                           iii.      SEP simplified employee pension. Employer currently matches dollar for each contributed dollar.